The Vacant Heart

Imagine a place filled with stories, eroded by history and time. Imagine everyone leaving, then trickling back. This place is Johannesburg. It is a place too many of us know only peripherally. We look at her from afar, with disdain. But there is beauty in the cracks on the walls and triumph in the spirit of the people who are there, despite the warts. When a new coat of paint is slapped on, we should not forget the cracks in the walls or the scars to the psyche. We need to remember because there is beauty, real and often stark, in truth. These images were taken with a camera older than me that was once expensive but now often forgotten in shoeboxes and attics. They were captured on Black and White film. The first roll of film I shot that morning was expired and probably ill-kept by the store I bought it from and none of those images came out. They are lost forever. This series is about, among other things, memory. 47 x 30cm, Limited Editions of 8, Archival print on Sihl Textured Cotton paper

Fine-Art images of Johannesburg's City Centre
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