For the Love of Death

I love the permanence, the finality, of working with ink on paper. There are no second chances. Mistakes get thrown out. In fact, the cotton paper that I have used for this series is so delicate that you cannot use pencil and then erase - the eraser simply pulls the paper apart.  A note about ‘Demographic’: This piece is based on a heartbreaking story that I heard recently: somewhere outside of Joburg a schoolboy heard that he passed Matric. His classmates were unfortunate to have not passed and so they beat him to death. A horrible tragedy that deserved a dedication.  These drawings are made in black ink on 42 by 30 cm 110 gram Silberburg hand-made ‘off white’ cotton paper. They are marked with a stamp made specifically for this series and the stamp is then embellished in permanent silver ink and signed. The exception is ‘Love Street’, which is made up of 16 A4 pages - some blank, some printed on, some white, some coloured that have been taped together. On this piece I have used permanent marker and graphite pencil.

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