Fake Polaroids

We live in a world overwhelmed by media, most of it digital. It is a blessing and it is a curse. One day, perhaps, we might find a balance, a way to exist in harmony with the chaos and noise all around us. These are Fake Polaroids. Polaroids are physical objects. They take seconds for the emulsions to develop. They are precious and they are unique. They make people giddy with delight. They are commonplace yet somehow rare at the same time. We now have cell-phones with low-quality cameras that can emulate Polaroids. They are ubiquitous and their prevalence has driven the image of a Polaroid down to kitsch cliché. They too take a few seconds to 'develop', furthering the loose trick a step more. They do not exist in a meaningful way. These Fake Polaroids straddle the line between physical object and transient thought. They have been printed the exact dimensions that a real Polaroid would be. They are not unique objects as they are digital and endlessly reproducible, though they will not be endlessly replicated... They have hand-written messages underneath the images: some funny, some meaningful, some flippant and some serious. They ask, "Do you love me?"

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