East London Can Series

I went for a walk with my father one morning, I think it was a Sunday, while down in East London, South Africa. I was beyond excited, hoping for marvellously breathtaking scenery. Instead we found graffiti, raw concrete and junk. Each can, crushed on the road or just next to it, I photographed as we came upon them, admiring the quiet reverence of each one. They are numbered as they were found and were all untouched, except for Can #4_2, which I picked up to examine the underside and found it to be as interesting as the top, then laid it down where it was before but now on its back. Ironic, that the images that spring to my mind of East London are cans on the street. Or is it? 90 x 70cm, Limited Editions of 3, Archival prints on Epson Premium Luster Pearl paper.

So, after walking around East-London, a smallish town on the coast of South Africa where I was for the weekend, I realised that there just wasn't any natural beauty in the area I was. Disappointed at not finding the scenic views I was hoping for, I cast my eyes downward and found cans crushed on the road and graffiti on the concrete. This series is the cans.
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