Cities, Streets & Lights

In this series, I wanted to capture the vibrancy and colour of life in cities. This series was shot over a period of 2 years and with a variety of cameras: from one that was on loan to me when I could not afford one of my own, to my now most treasured film camera. Most of these images were taken in Norwood where I have lived in and around for a decade. Most of the other images are of Johannesburg with a couple from ‘out of town’ that have a certain charm and meaning and found themselves included: the irony of the boat in Jackpot, Uniondale; the beautiful aspiration of the steeple in Spire – those are urban too but they serve as opposites to the sprawling centres typified by Johannesburg. These are a meditation on place and what meaning we give to the places we find ourselves in. A notable change, one that I am overjoyed to have documented, is that the building in Newtown in Market Cold Storage is now painted a blinding red. How cities affect us, how they change under our radar and how we don’t stop to notice anything anymore, these are the things this series tries to highlight. 10 x 15 inches, Limited Editions (as listed below), archival print on Epson Premium Luster paper. Editions: Jackpot, Uniondale - edition of 20 Market Cold Storage, Newtown - edition of 10 Bridge, Newtown - edition of 16 Joburg Skyline & the Corner - edition of 20 Highway #1 - edition of 10 Grant Ave at Dusk - edition of 15 Grant Ave #3_2 - edition of 15 Grant Ave #2 - edition of 15 Grant Ave #1 - edition of 15 Church Spire - edition of 16 Carwash, Westdene - edition of 15 High-rise, Braamfontien - edition of 20 Abandoned House, Houghton - edition of 6 - SOLD OUT

Fine Art images of Johannesburg's suburbs and a few from other parts of the country.
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